Exhausted but Stoked!


To all friends of Coyote Love and especially those who are donating and becoming Associate Producers of our second album. I’m still completely fried from the last two weeks of recording, but I want you to know that good is coming from this experience. While this particular version of “Make It Through,” our acoustic ballad written for the coming generation, may or may not make it on the album (though the song will for sure), we feel that this raw version is one of the best gifts that we can give back to all of you today while Rachel and I recover from a very long week. https://www.dropbox.com/…/Make%20It%20Through%207-8-16%20in…
Secondly, we have our first network TV interview tomorrow. We’ll tell you more about it when we’ve done the interview (I don’t want to “coyote” myself by saying too much). More video and tidbits to come! THANK YOU!


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Take Me to Church! Help produce our new album!

Hi folks!

Coyote here to tell you that the composer’s residency at “The Church” has begun! I went up last Sunday eve and made good on my goal to make a children’s record the first week.

We are still crowd funding for the Coyote Love record being recorded this week! Please pre-order the CD and/or become an Associate Producer on the album by donating to the cause. We have already raised over $2600 thanks to our amazingly supportive extended coyote family! But we are still about $2400 short of our goal. Your donations can not only get you cool hand-made merch and producer credits on the album, but also access to works in progress as we go, and our daily videos and/or streams! Go to https://www.gofundme.com/CampCoyote2016 to pre-order and contribute!

Here’s a bonus! Just for reading this post, I’ll share with you the link to the works in progress for children’s album!


password: coyotepupsdonor

Plus here’s a video about my first day! For more videos about the trip become a contributor and share the LOVE! https://vimeo.com/173310162

The trip to the church was as inspiring as arriving.

The trip to the church was as inspiring as arriving was.

Hope you dig!

With love,



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Produce an Indie Album With Us

New Music from Coyote Love! Wanna co-produce an indie album?

Hello there Coyote friends. It’s high time Coyote Love released more new music. Sure we’ve got some tracks in the bin, and notebooks full of songs, but, conditions being what they are, that special creative time could not be easily afforded, or found, until now!   Wanna make a record with us?


The coyote pack has been given a two-week composers residency at “The Church” in Mt. Vision, NY this summer. A couple of producers, who call their company “Upstate Production Services, Inc”, are renovating a 200-year old church in to a fully functioning arts facility. As if that wasn’t cool enough, they then offered Coyote Love a two-week composer’s residency this summer, and this coyote plans on making the absolute most of this creative time! We are recording and immediately releasing tracks from two albums; a children’s record (Coyote Pups), and a proper Coyote Love LP! Finally, our sophomore release!

Even though we get the space for free, making and releasing records is a costly exercise. So we are asking you to be an associate producer. And it ain’t just lip service either. Contribute towards our production costs and you really are producing this record with us. Gifts back? Of course! Not only will you get one-of-a-kind presents from the band for your help in this project, but associate producers credits on the album!


The plan is not only so set coyote’s unfettered creativity free, but Rachel’s too, and all of the musicians that we invite up there to stay and/or visit with us during our time up there. We’re offering members of our team the same creative freedom for their own compositions as we have for own. Every musician who comes up is encouraged to workshop their own ideas as well. With a team of us there, we can all help one-another to flesh out the material we are writing.   And as the hosts, we get to have these amazing musicians play on new Coyote Material as well.

So please join us in producing new indie music and be our producing partner!

Much like a low budget indie film, we figure we’ll easily spend about $5000-$10,000 when all is said and done; equipment, two weeks of van rental, copywriting costs, graphics, post production mixing sessions, mastering, PR, food, and stipends for local guest musicians on the records, and the making of videos are just the tip of the iceberg.

So please take a look at our crowd-funding page and see if there is a donation level that works for you…you potential producer you!

With love

Team Coyote


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Next Sat May 7th, music and earth love!

Free pancakes at 11am am for those who volunteer to clear some debris and garbage out of the cove!  Free BBQ later!  Coyote Love at 2pm!   Or come and donate a few bucks and grab some lovely food to raise money to maintain this home-spun nature preserve in Northern Manhattan.  Either way it’s all good in the hood.


MusicSweep 2016

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Inwood Local, Sarah St. Grill, and “Camp Coyote”!

Hi there,

Been awhile since the last e-blast or blog, I know. My bad. Been pretty keen on the social media thing, but the email thing slid a bit while this coyote struggled with the issues of man. Anyhoo…I’m BACK! Hi!

A lot of cool stuff is happening. Another great, free acoustic set coming up at Inwood Local in Northern Manhattan this Wed, 4/27 at 9pm, with Rach, myself and…anyone else that wants to sit in from the coyote pack.

This Wed April 27th at 9pm


And we are the featured artists (acoustic) at Sarah St. Grill in Stroudsburg, PA, every Thurs in May! This leads up to a nice big full band show on June 10th at Sarah St. Naturally, we are stoked for all five shows!

CoyoteAcoustic 11x17SarahSt



And May 7 we play (full band) at 2pm to support the grassroots clean-up and reclaiming of Inwood’s North Cove in Northern Manhattan.

RiverSweepEvent5-7-16 v1.1

See the schedule for all coming shows. We got plenty in the upstate area coming up too!

Speaking of……



We got awarded a two-week composer’s retreat and recording session, in upstate NY, from June 26-July 10th! Can you dig it? A company called “Upstate Production Services, Inc” got in touch with us and let us know they were offering residencies, in Mt. Vision, NY, in a 200-year old church that they are renovating as an arts center. That, as you can imagine, was a no-brainer. We jumped on that. It’s gonna be EPIC. I’m calling it “Camp Coyote,” and it’s the next big thing in my life after getting married, having a baby, and starting this company.   Please check out the video on our FB page. You do not need to be on FB to watch it (but you may be prompted to join, which you can ignore). https://www.facebook.com/coyotelove/videos/vb.305226185472/10156814284750473/?type=2&theater

Please be patient with us as we will soon begin a drive to raise funds for vans, equipment, guest musicians, food, post-production time and everything else that goes with making “Camp Coyote” work. For now, enjoy the video, which says everything that you need to know about what we are gonna be doing, and why!

With love and face licks,





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If you ever said “I wanna see you guys but I…”

Art coyote image SIGNATURE SIZE If you are broke…it’s free!

Art coyote image SIGNATURE SIZE If you don’t want to hear cover songs…it’s only songs by Coyote!
Art coyote image SIGNATURE SIZE If you feel like you are too old…it’s an early show.

Art coyote image SIGNATURE SIZE If you hate seeing bands in bars…it’s a Cultural Center with a swank auditorium and no alcohol is served.

Art coyote image SIGNATURE SIZE If you don’t like to walk much…it’s about a block from a train with an elevator.

Art coyote image SIGNATURE SIZE If you are a staunch republican…you should still come.

To the best of my knowledge, you only get one chance to play the Artists for Peace series at SGI’s NY Cultural Center; and we are the 100th act to put our positive energy out in to the universe by playing this show for these dynamic and enthusiastic chanting Buddhists. We totally want you to come hear it!

This show is ENTIRELY FREE, its on 15th St just off Union Square, and is at 7:30pm! If you’ve ever been like, “I totally want to see you play, but I just can’t do late nights…” or “I’m on the wagon, and you always play in places with alcohol…” then this show is for you. So come on down and share the love…the coyote love that is.

I know it looks like the X-MEN should live there...just a bunch of harmony loving buddhists.

SGI’s NY Cultural Center.  Possibly also the place where the X-Men live.

Tues March 1st

SGI’s NY Cultural Center

7 E. 15th St

New York, NY 10003 (between 5th Ave and Union Sq. West)

Peace and love to youwooowoooowoooooooooooooo

team coyote






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Like many New Yorkers, I wake up most mornings feeling like I’ve already fucked up, because 2.9 minutes went by while was lying there thinkin’ how I shoulda been doing ten other things already…all of which I planned on doing yesterday. This city makes me crazy like that.

Regardless of this NYC psychosis, some coolness is coming down the pike for this coyote and his pack, and it may show that we’ve made some progress after all.HankJumpRachLook



Next Wednesday is our 25th acoustic show at Inwood Local! We LOVE this gig and are honored that manager, Harry and owner, Gus like the band as much as they do.  Most evenings Harry now sports one of his two Coyote t-shirts when he is working behind the bar. This means the world to us. And the love from the community we get when we play is priceless. It is spirit food for us. Thank you. Come see our 25th show!


We have been chosen as the 100th act to represent “Artists for Peace” at the SGI’s New York Cultural Center in Union Square on March 1.  As you know those chanting Buddhists at SGI have some of the most dynamic members of the entertainment industry among their ranks, and to have our name associated with a concert series that so many of our musical heroes have played before us is real shot in the arm.  It’s an hour-long show where we will play only our original songs, with free admission, in an awesome auditorium, staffed by peace loving Buddhists.  Umm, you coming?  ‘Cause…


Remember when we played Sarah St. Grill, in Stroudsburg? That was a hoot! Not only will we be back on June 10 with the whole band, but we have been awarded a weekly residency in May for the acoustic act as well!SarahSt.Night
Every Thursday at roughly 9pm, Coyote, Rachel and our special guest of the week will perform our Blues-Based, Folk-Rockin’ Explosion of songs at this lovely Pocono area location right on the Delaware Water Gap. While this does make any Friday Morning commitment kinda painful for a month…FUCKIT! WE ARE STOKED!  HOOOWOOOOWWOOOO

Sarah St. has to be the most professionally produced small bar/venue we have ever played. I mean “The Cutting Room” is one thing, you expect and demand great sound there, but when a roadhouse style joint like this takes music production (and video production I would add) as seriously, or even more so, than their drinks and food, you know they really, really, really love live music. So if you are chillin’ out by the Poconos in May, or on June 10th, come check us out at Sarah Street Grill!


(Big Dream Comes True)

Clearly we have new recordings, for years now, that we want to release and sessions that we kept meaning to have. Life happens. Some of those songs were half recorded before we ran out of…everything. Life in NYC with a wife, a kid, a live band, and my work with children…kinda forced me to put the releasing of new music on hold and to follow the trail we were on; which was, and is still, the live Coyote Love act. That situation pretty much forced me to deal with the fact that almost anyone can produce a great sounding record these days. Not so easy to make a live act that actually stands out. So money that we would have loved to put in to recording has gone into equipment, rental cars, musician pay, rehearsal studios and just…life. It’s paid off on all fronts; but the hunger to record has been almost unbearable. And at this point I have the worst case of indie band producer blueballs ever.

This summer’s church recording retreat is a massive and powerful step forward for us.  A lovely pair of production professionals from NYC, named Jamie and Pam, bought a 200-year old church in Upstate NY, and they have begun to offer multi-week retreats there, for artists of their choosing.  And they found us! After we played the last Taste of the Catskills Festival, they looked us up, liked the vibe, got in touch, and offered us two weeks of free creative time at their music church…which has a restored Hammond Organ and, upstairs, beds for the band.  Say what? I had spent the previous 2 years envisioning just that, talking to Rach about it, and trying to figure out how to pay for that level of professional-style isolation and time to create with ridiculously great players. But it looked like I was gonna have to release a second record, recorded piecemeal, in people’s living rooms and bathrooms, and then…all of a sudden…Whabam? What?

Jamie and Pam I love you! Thank you! Could it be that this DIY coyote pack is on the right track?  The musicians committed to the recording retreat are the best anyone could ever want. So…shit is definitely real. I really, really, really, really promise we are going to release new recordings in the fall. Be ready!

With love, tail wags, yip-yips, and face licks…



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