Still to Come!

Happy Holiday season to you and your own. Been awhile since we checked in and we wanna make sure you know that we are hard at work getting the next songs out to you and making the final version album. Next week Coyote Love Entertainment, Inc releases our first children’s album (recorded during this summer’s retreat, along with songs from “I’m Breaking Down”). With that behind us, we can divert more energy back in to the grown up songs. As it is now, Jonathan Vergara and Coyote have been meeting late nights and working on “Rosie’s Going Downtown” (featuring Fred Thomas on bass), “Why’d You Have To Do It Now?” and “Magic Tune Boy” so we can get those out (in any order) as soon as possible.

We are working to make sure that every one of you who donated, and/or pre-paid gets all the merchandise that you were promised.   Look for emails in the coming month asking you what size shirts you want etc.


We played a lovely 3-hour show last Friday, at Sarah Street Grill, in Stroudsburg, PA with new guitarist/vocalist Jamie Ignao. Jamie’s been working on over 30 songs from our repertoire so, send him a pat on the back, as he has earned it. We are reuniting with Darren Lipper (Bass) and Tobias Gebb (Drums) as well for night of sonic explosion. Last Sunday we played with Mike D. Blues for an acoustic show at An Beal Bocht. Was great stuff. Jamie’s guitar work and vocals are taking the acoustic shows to another level and I, for one, was ear-to-ear grins the whole time. Rachel sang her ass off, with two guitars and two voices to support her. Fun stuff.

Thanks for your love and support.

Coyote and the pack



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Terrifying and Thrilling



An outtake from our stellar shoot with Deneka Peniston.

Preparing for the next shows coming up and the album release has stirred up a lot of energy and emotion in the coyote pack. It’s a mixture of excitement and pure terror. The preparations have been bittersweet and thrilling. On the one hand, friend and crucial guitarist, Moonie Pusey, is moving to Arizona, on the other hand operatic tenor and guitar slinging Scotsman, Jamie Ignao, has agreed to replace him. Aside from Moonie and I, no one in the band has actually met Jamie or heard him play. So it’s a leap of faith for everyone, including Rachel, when I say “he’s awesome, trust me.” Jamie’s first show with us is in December. Lets see what my newsletter says after that. Stay tuned. But wait there’s more…

With four songs left to record, delays of every kind that are beyond my control, almost nightly mixing sessions, a twelve-hour recording session on Sunday, and more nightly mixing for the week following, things are getting really, REALLY real. We are in rehearsal with everymuzzahfuzzzah in the band and my wife and child think I am a ghost who just occasionally appears and makes them tacos, uses the bathroom and then disappears again. This whole situation is getting a bit trippy. Everyone on the team is definitely committed, but this trapeze act has no net.   You feel me? Okay back to the thrilling part…



Fred Thomas, bass player for James Brown, and the JB’s (and other cool acts), has agreed to play bass on two singles on the record. WHAT? Yes, I said it! Not only that, but his band is our support act at our Album release on Nov 5! After our own set, we’re going to dance to him all night long. And he’s sitting in with Coyote Love. I think I’m gonna FREAK OUT! Yes, YES I AM ACTUALLY FREAKING OUT AS I WRITE THIS!

Okay, I’m cool now….


We have a lot of expenses, not limited to literally thousands in studio time, session musicians, photo shoots, graphic artists, and legal fees. We’re less than $1200 away from our goal for our crowd-funding campaign. Thank you if you’ve already helped us raise over $3800 so far! If you have not, would you consider pre-paying, and/or donating to the cause?  There’s cool gifts-back to get and you’d be making a real dream come true. Not just for us, but for you too. Why?…because no one wants great music to die. This record was (and is being) recorded in two churches, in a studio, and in our apartments. We’ve used a 75 year old organ, a couple of 50 year old amplifiers, a 60-year old guitarist, (lol, sorry Moonie, cats outta the bag)…and now have a 72-year old funkified bass player from James Brown’s band playing on this joint. Ummmm, you like old-school? We got it. This ain’t no boy band. Please consider donating. Every little bit helps! Even guitar strings now cost almost $10 a pack in NYC. Rachel’s sax reeds cost a bundle too!nov5albumreleasecrd

Shows –

  • Oct 22: Full band at Sarah Street Grill, Stroudsburg, PA. 10pm NO COVER EVER.
  • Oct 26: Inwood Local Acoustic show (monthly). We love this place. Previews of new songs the full band will play at release party.
  • Oct 30: Coyote Acoustic at An Beal Bocht w Mike D Blues! Show starts 8pm. FREE
  • Nov 5: THE ALBUM RELEASE PARTY FOR “I’M BREAKING DOWN” OUR SOPHOMORE ALBUM, featuring Mike D Blues, and Fred Thomas of the JB’s!
  • Dec 9: Full band at Sarah Street Grill, Stroudsburg, PA. 9:30pm JAMIE IGNAO’S FIRST FULL SHOW WITH US! No cover.
  • Dec 11: Coyote Acoustic at An Beal Bocht w Mike D Blues! Show starts 8pm. FREE






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Why ‘Da Blues?

Hoping this video says why…


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What does it take to….

What does it take to make your dream a reality?

What’s your personal dream?  Let us know in the comments below or via twitter @CoyoteLoveBand, or on our FB page.  We’d like to hear your story.

In our case, the record we are releasing on November 5th, and all the opportunities that arise from this action, encompass our shared dream.  Rach and I have given of our sweat, blood, tears, personal finances, and likely the finances of our respective life-partners as well. We are giving time, we’re giving thought, we’re giving love, and we are giving up sleep. At this point, it would seem that the answer is…you give everything that you have, because creating something epic…from nothing…demands that of you.

Our self-produced record sounds amazing so far (though we just got word that we may have an astounding guest producer on the title track, more later). If you want to check out works in progress, you can do so here…

Big ups to Jonathan Vergara at Pancake studios in Brooklyn, for his engineering work on much of this project as well.  This has become one of his babies, and we are happy whenever he takes over on the engineering, so we can focus on the singing and producing.

We have four songs to record, there’s one song we’d like to redo, and vocals on one song need re-cutting.   And there’s multiple overdubs we have to add as well. The record needs to be done by mid October….FUCK!  We have to have, at least, pre-release versions of the CD and downloads byNov 5, the date of our release event!

As I write this…my heart is pounding.  I’ve never been more proud of a piece of art that I worked on, but also never been so scared of failing!  Can you relate?

THANK YOU to everyone that has donated and pre-paid for our sophomore release, now with the working Title, “I’m Breaking Down.”  (Did I just write that in print?  Oh dear, this is getting really real now.)  Were it not for the amazing gifts that have been shared with us, we would not have had a prayer of getting this far.  You are our co-producers and we are so proud to share this experience with you!

If you haven’t yet, but want to support the album, and join the pack of humans who are making this happen, please go to

Speaking of donations.   HUGE, humble, hair-stands-up on my arm, thanks to Jamie Leonard and Pamela Rapp at Upstate Production Services, Inc (UPSI), who donated THREE WEEKS of production and development time to us this summer at their 200-year old space “The Church”.   They honestly changed our lives.   I recorded a whole children’s album and some irreplaceable tracks on the Coyote Love album up there.  We would have had nothing to crowd-fund for if it weren’t for them and their amazing arts facility.  The space, the vibe, the organ (OMG, the organ) all contributed to capturing magic on the microphones.

27714a75-0616-43fe-ad91-c23dfc8f37f3We are realistically like $5000 short of the money we need to truly promote the record. But just to complete this masterpiece, we need another $2000 as soon as possible!  We still need to bring in more stellar musicians and to pay for the studio time, as well (which is mounting), and for PR, and the endless copyright fees etc.  So, if you like what we’ve made so far (click and listen), join the family, donate to the record! Become an associate producer.  Plus, the gifts back are sweet!

Put the show in your calendar!!!

Coyote Love Album Release Party
Sat Nov 5th.
El Original Tx-Mx, 735 Tenth Ave, NYC 10019

With love,



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New Album…just sayin’

Coyote here,

As has been the case for awhile, we’ve leaned on Social Media a bit heavily when it comes to news. Forgive us for not writing.   Let’s catch up!

Next  shows!

Fri Sept 2, 10pm – Sarah St. Grill, Stroudsburg, PA

Sat Sept 3, 1pm – StroudFest, Stroudsburg, PA

Fri Sept 9, 9:30pm – An Beal Bocht, Riverdale, NY

(and plenty more shows leading up to….)

Album Release Party Scheduled for Nov 5th at El Original in NYC!

There, we said it. We are dropping the record on Nov 5th at a cool venue called El Original, where promoter, friend, and fan, Barbara Stevenson, has been hosting the Fred Thomas band (the James Brown’s bassist), and where I have had some of the best nights out in my life recently. So I figured, lets just go with it and do it there.
Coyote Love Album Release Party

Sat Nov 5th.


El Original Tx-Mx, 735 Tenth Ave, NYC 10019

The state of the record is pretty damn good. Long way to go but very good things happening. The message from universe continues to be, “Did you think it would be easy, Coyote?” There have been set backs akimbo. But teeth and claws out, we fight our way forward. After the two weeks I spent upstate working on both the kid’s album and our sophomore release for Coyote Love, in early July, things slowed down a bit while day-to-day life, and an epic trip to London took front seat.   The original trip upstate was supposed to be a camp for coyote musicians where we created both independently and together for 16 hours a day. However, because of life issues with the humans that were meant to be there, it ended up being myself, Rachel and Moonie, piecing bits of an album together during the 2nd week of the residency (with a nice visit from blues player, Mike D, to spice it up). I was kinda down in the dumps about this, until Jamie and Pam of UPSI (The Church) offered us yet another week of production time at the church. So I went back up, just last week, from the 21st to the 29th, to be a one-man record company exec, production-team, and recording artist. Rach and I, actually did a show at Andes Hotel, in Andes, NY on Aug 19th. She then hit the bus back to NYC the next morn to catch her boyfriend, Spencer’s, DJ set that afternoon. After I dropped her off, I had one day to chill w friends Chris and Maria, Jerry Stein (and Molly, my doggie neice), and then I got to recording on Sunday eve, and stayed up there for a week.

What transpired next was celestial. I had a high fever all of Sunday night until the morning. I then found an organ player with SICK blues/jazz chops when I walked in to a Laundromat in Oneonta, NY (to wash the sheets I sweated through) and saw a lady reading sheet music. I basically asked her if she or anyone she knew played a Hammond Organ. She gave me the hook-up. I called the guy. His name is Tim Iversen, and he came and KILLED IT on 4 songs from the record, using UPSI’s 1940’s era Hammond Organ. Tim was amazing and the power of music and the spirit was felt at “The Church” that day. Here’s an unmixed but tasty version of “Please Let Me Know.”

Producer talk:

I’ve reached out to some of my favorite producers, arrangers, and band-leaders to ask for help in making the last three songs to be recorded for the album as epic and lush as I hear them in my head. I have three songs that haven’t even been started yet and I feel that I need help from those more gifted than I at arrangement, and who may have a fresh approach to production. Who will say “yes?” I don’t know. But I feel that it’s time to open ourselves up to outside expertise (within reason). Lord knows Rach, myself, engineer Jonathan Vergara (Pancake Studios) and our team of musicians can play anything we want. Question is, with three or four songs left to record, who can add the extra spice, and also save me the rehearsal time by delivering up an awesome arrangement…that we can bring to life in the studio?

Making the record in pieces has been less than my favorite thing to do, but it is what I am trained for and, seemingly, what the great spirit wants out of Rachel and I. Oh how we yearn for time to just sing and make up songs with a full band while tape is rollin’…..but alas….it’s time to kick ass and take names with whatever resources we have.

So be ready. Shit is about to get real! AND PUT NOVEMBER 5TH FROM 8PM-MIDNIGHT IN YOUR CALENDAR Y’ALL!




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Exhausted but Stoked!


To all friends of Coyote Love and especially those who are donating and becoming Associate Producers of our second album. I’m still completely fried from the last two weeks of recording, but I want you to know that good is coming from this experience. While this particular version of “Make It Through,” our acoustic ballad written for the coming generation, may or may not make it on the album (though the song will for sure), we feel that this raw version is one of the best gifts that we can give back to all of you today while Rachel and I recover from a very long week.…/Make%20It%20Through%207-8-16%20in…
Secondly, we have our first network TV interview tomorrow. We’ll tell you more about it when we’ve done the interview (I don’t want to “coyote” myself by saying too much). More video and tidbits to come! THANK YOU!


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Take Me to Church! Help produce our new album!

Hi folks!

Coyote here to tell you that the composer’s residency at “The Church” has begun! I went up last Sunday eve and made good on my goal to make a children’s record the first week.

We are still crowd funding for the Coyote Love record being recorded this week! Please pre-order the CD and/or become an Associate Producer on the album by donating to the cause. We have already raised over $2600 thanks to our amazingly supportive extended coyote family! But we are still about $2400 short of our goal. Your donations can not only get you cool hand-made merch and producer credits on the album, but also access to works in progress as we go, and our daily videos and/or streams! Go to to pre-order and contribute!

Here’s a bonus! Just for reading this post, I’ll share with you the link to the works in progress for children’s album!

password: coyotepupsdonor

Plus here’s a video about my first day! For more videos about the trip become a contributor and share the LOVE!

The trip to the church was as inspiring as arriving.

The trip to the church was as inspiring as arriving was.

Hope you dig!

With love,



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