New Album…just sayin’

Coyote here,

As has been the case for awhile, we’ve leaned on Social Media a bit heavily when it comes to news. Forgive us for not writing.   Let’s catch up!

Next  shows!

Fri Sept 2, 10pm – Sarah St. Grill, Stroudsburg, PA

Sat Sept 3, 1pm – StroudFest, Stroudsburg, PA

Fri Sept 9, 9:30pm – An Beal Bocht, Riverdale, NY

(and plenty more shows leading up to….)

Album Release Party Scheduled for Nov 5th at El Original in NYC!

There, we said it. We are dropping the record on Nov 5th at a cool venue called El Original, where promoter, friend, and fan, Barbara Stevenson, has been hosting the Fred Thomas band (the James Brown’s bassist), and where I have had some of the best nights out in my life recently. So I figured, lets just go with it and do it there.
Coyote Love Album Release Party

Sat Nov 5th.


El Original Tx-Mx, 735 Tenth Ave, NYC 10019

The state of the record is pretty damn good. Long way to go but very good things happening. The message from universe continues to be, “Did you think it would be easy, Coyote?” There have been set backs akimbo. But teeth and claws out, we fight our way forward. After the two weeks I spent upstate working on both the kid’s album and our sophomore release for Coyote Love, in early July, things slowed down a bit while day-to-day life, and an epic trip to London took front seat.   The original trip upstate was supposed to be a camp for coyote musicians where we created both independently and together for 16 hours a day. However, because of life issues with the humans that were meant to be there, it ended up being myself, Rachel and Moonie, piecing bits of an album together during the 2nd week of the residency (with a nice visit from blues player, Mike D, to spice it up). I was kinda down in the dumps about this, until Jamie and Pam of UPSI (The Church) offered us yet another week of production time at the church. So I went back up, just last week, from the 21st to the 29th, to be a one-man record company exec, production-team, and recording artist. Rach and I, actually did a show at Andes Hotel, in Andes, NY on Aug 19th. She then hit the bus back to NYC the next morn to catch her boyfriend, Spencer’s, DJ set that afternoon. After I dropped her off, I had one day to chill w friends Chris and Maria, Jerry Stein (and Molly, my doggie neice), and then I got to recording on Sunday eve, and stayed up there for a week.

What transpired next was celestial. I had a high fever all of Sunday night until the morning. I then found an organ player with SICK blues/jazz chops when I walked in to a Laundromat in Oneonta, NY (to wash the sheets I sweated through) and saw a lady reading sheet music. I basically asked her if she or anyone she knew played a Hammond Organ. She gave me the hook-up. I called the guy. His name is Tim Iversen, and he came and KILLED IT on 4 songs from the record, using UPSI’s 1940’s era Hammond Organ. Tim was amazing and the power of music and the spirit was felt at “The Church” that day. Here’s an unmixed but tasty version of “Please Let Me Know.”

Producer talk:

I’ve reached out to some of my favorite producers, arrangers, and band-leaders to ask for help in making the last three songs to be recorded for the album as epic and lush as I hear them in my head. I have three songs that haven’t even been started yet and I feel that I need help from those more gifted than I at arrangement, and who may have a fresh approach to production. Who will say “yes?” I don’t know. But I feel that it’s time to open ourselves up to outside expertise (within reason). Lord knows Rach, myself, engineer Jonathan Vergara (Pancake Studios) and our team of musicians can play anything we want. Question is, with three or four songs left to record, who can add the extra spice, and also save me the rehearsal time by delivering up an awesome arrangement…that we can bring to life in the studio?

Making the record in pieces has been less than my favorite thing to do, but it is what I am trained for and, seemingly, what the great spirit wants out of Rachel and I. Oh how we yearn for time to just sing and make up songs with a full band while tape is rollin’…..but alas….it’s time to kick ass and take names with whatever resources we have.

So be ready. Shit is about to get real! AND PUT NOVEMBER 5TH FROM 8PM-MIDNIGHT IN YOUR CALENDAR Y’ALL!





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