If you ever said “I wanna see you guys but I…”

Art coyote image SIGNATURE SIZE If you are broke…it’s free!

Art coyote image SIGNATURE SIZE If you don’t want to hear cover songs…it’s only songs by Coyote!
Art coyote image SIGNATURE SIZE If you feel like you are too old…it’s an early show.

Art coyote image SIGNATURE SIZE If you hate seeing bands in bars…it’s a Cultural Center with a swank auditorium and no alcohol is served.

Art coyote image SIGNATURE SIZE If you don’t like to walk much…it’s about a block from a train with an elevator.

Art coyote image SIGNATURE SIZE If you are a staunch republican…you should still come.

To the best of my knowledge, you only get one chance to play the Artists for Peace series at SGI’s NY Cultural Center; and we are the 100th act to put our positive energy out in to the universe by playing this show for these dynamic and enthusiastic chanting Buddhists. We totally want you to come hear it!

This show is ENTIRELY FREE, its on 15th St just off Union Square, and is at 7:30pm! If you’ve ever been like, “I totally want to see you play, but I just can’t do late nights…” or “I’m on the wagon, and you always play in places with alcohol…” then this show is for you. So come on down and share the love…the coyote love that is.

I know it looks like the X-MEN should live there...just a bunch of harmony loving buddhists.

SGI’s NY Cultural Center.  Possibly also the place where the X-Men live.

Tues March 1st

SGI’s NY Cultural Center

7 E. 15th St

New York, NY 10003 (between 5th Ave and Union Sq. West)

Peace and love to youwooowoooowoooooooooooooo

team coyote







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Like many New Yorkers, I wake up most mornings feeling like I’ve already fucked up, because 2.9 minutes went by while was lying there thinkin’ how I shoulda been doing ten other things already…all of which I planned on doing yesterday. This city makes me crazy like that.

Regardless of this NYC psychosis, some coolness is coming down the pike for this coyote and his pack, and it may show that we’ve made some progress after all.HankJumpRachLook



Next Wednesday is our 25th acoustic show at Inwood Local! We LOVE this gig and are honored that manager, Harry and owner, Gus like the band as much as they do.  Most evenings Harry now sports one of his two Coyote t-shirts when he is working behind the bar. This means the world to us. And the love from the community we get when we play is priceless. It is spirit food for us. Thank you. Come see our 25th show!


We have been chosen as the 100th act to represent “Artists for Peace” at the SGI’s New York Cultural Center in Union Square on March 1.  As you know those chanting Buddhists at SGI have some of the most dynamic members of the entertainment industry among their ranks, and to have our name associated with a concert series that so many of our musical heroes have played before us is real shot in the arm.  It’s an hour-long show where we will play only our original songs, with free admission, in an awesome auditorium, staffed by peace loving Buddhists.  Umm, you coming?  ‘Cause…


Remember when we played Sarah St. Grill, in Stroudsburg? That was a hoot! Not only will we be back on June 10 with the whole band, but we have been awarded a weekly residency in May for the acoustic act as well!SarahSt.Night
Every Thursday at roughly 9pm, Coyote, Rachel and our special guest of the week will perform our Blues-Based, Folk-Rockin’ Explosion of songs at this lovely Pocono area location right on the Delaware Water Gap. While this does make any Friday Morning commitment kinda painful for a month…FUCKIT! WE ARE STOKED!  HOOOWOOOOWWOOOO

Sarah St. has to be the most professionally produced small bar/venue we have ever played. I mean “The Cutting Room” is one thing, you expect and demand great sound there, but when a roadhouse style joint like this takes music production (and video production I would add) as seriously, or even more so, than their drinks and food, you know they really, really, really love live music. So if you are chillin’ out by the Poconos in May, or on June 10th, come check us out at Sarah Street Grill!


(Big Dream Comes True)

Clearly we have new recordings, for years now, that we want to release and sessions that we kept meaning to have. Life happens. Some of those songs were half recorded before we ran out of…everything. Life in NYC with a wife, a kid, a live band, and my work with children…kinda forced me to put the releasing of new music on hold and to follow the trail we were on; which was, and is still, the live Coyote Love act. That situation pretty much forced me to deal with the fact that almost anyone can produce a great sounding record these days. Not so easy to make a live act that actually stands out. So money that we would have loved to put in to recording has gone into equipment, rental cars, musician pay, rehearsal studios and just…life. It’s paid off on all fronts; but the hunger to record has been almost unbearable. And at this point I have the worst case of indie band producer blueballs ever.

This summer’s church recording retreat is a massive and powerful step forward for us.  A lovely pair of production professionals from NYC, named Jamie and Pam, bought a 200-year old church in Upstate NY, and they have begun to offer multi-week retreats there, for artists of their choosing.  And they found us! After we played the last Taste of the Catskills Festival, they looked us up, liked the vibe, got in touch, and offered us two weeks of free creative time at their music church…which has a restored Hammond Organ and, upstairs, beds for the band.  Say what? I had spent the previous 2 years envisioning just that, talking to Rach about it, and trying to figure out how to pay for that level of professional-style isolation and time to create with ridiculously great players. But it looked like I was gonna have to release a second record, recorded piecemeal, in people’s living rooms and bathrooms, and then…all of a sudden…Whabam? What?

Jamie and Pam I love you! Thank you! Could it be that this DIY coyote pack is on the right track?  The musicians committed to the recording retreat are the best anyone could ever want. So…shit is definitely real. I really, really, really, really promise we are going to release new recordings in the fall. Be ready!

With love, tail wags, yip-yips, and face licks…



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Coyote Love is the 100th Artist for Peace at SGI on 3/1

Any of you want to see a Coyote Love performance, early in the evening, downtown, in the most accessible location in Manhattan, in comfort, with great sound and where we only play coyote music, in a concert hall devoted to world peace and enlightenment…..FOR FREE?

We are so very proud to announce that on Tuesday March 1st, Coyote Love was chosen to play the 100th Artists for Peace Concert at SGI USA/NYC.  (The NY Culture Center, 7 E. 15th Street, New York, NY 10003 – bet. 5th Avenue & Union Square West)

This to us is a high-point in a year of high-points.  Both Rachel, and Kevin Harris (currently playing bass with us) are members of SGI, an empowering Buddhist organization, that I’ve only ever had great traffic with as well.  And Rachel and Kevin are in good company, some of the most noteworthy artists, and movers and shakers you know of are also Buddhists associated with this lovely practice and the organization that represents it.  That being said, the honor of being asked to play our original music, for anyone that wants to attend, for FREE ADMISSION, in their lovely hall in Union Square…was completely unexpected.  See below!

>On Tuesday, March 1st, at 7:30pm at the New York Culture Center, Artists for Peace will be presenting our 100th concert!  We are so proud to present at this special event, a most exciting and dynamic band, Coyote Love!

Founded in 2009 with the release of their self-titled debut CD, white boy from the ghetto, turned city boy in the country, turned Coyote Man, Hank Coyote, joins forces with British multi-instrumentalist and singer, Rachel Grundy to bring lush harmony, energetic live performances and old school entertainment value to the front of the stage, backed by a funky, NYC-based horn and rhythm section, including music director and alto sax supremo Sergio Bustamante and former Steel Pulse lead guitarist Moonie Pusey.   With a mission to make Music Every Day, Coyote Love is an army of positive vibes, music and passion.

You can learn more about Coyote Love and check out their music at www.coyotelovemusic.com.  

Our e-flyer is attached to aid you in kindly promoting the event-thank you very much!

We sincerely hope that you and your friends will join us for a great evening!

Artists for Peace<

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Bowie Leaves Earth, Inspires Coyote

Howooo lovelies,

If you are human, you are probably aware, and most likely touched by the passing of David Bowie in to the light. I’m sure he is reunited with many old friends and ancestors, and possibly an alien overlord or two.

What Bowie’s passing meant to me was that millions of people in the world are suddenly delving deep in to the life and art of this celestial being. His path was so organic, so packed with highs and lows, so full of rebirth, of searching; of living life to the fullest…it boggles the mind. And my prayer is that it reminds others, like it has me, to embrace these aspects of life and not stay in any rut for too long.david-bowie-06

We love you David Bowie. Thank you for being you. You will be missed, but always remembered.



snug harbor“SNUG’S” IN NEW PALTZ THIS FRIDAY NIGHT – 1/15/16 11pm – ???

This Friday night! Snug Harbor, in New Paltz, NY! How much do I love Snug’s? Almost as much as David Bowie?   But for the opposite reason. Snug’s has stayed Snug’s for as long as I can remember and I hope it never changes. Good old juke-joint style hootenanny bar with an amazing cross-section of people. We hit around 11pm. When we stop? Nobody knows.



Kickin’ it uptown style for the rest of January once we get back from New Paltz. Come and hang!From Wikipedia - An Béal Bocht (Irish: The Poor Mouth) is a 1941 novel in Irish by Brian O'Nolan (Flann O'Brien), published under the pseudonym "Myles na gCopaleen". It is widely regarded as one of the greatest Irish-language novels of the 20th century.

Sunday 1/24 8pm-10pm at An Beal Bocht! ACOUSTIC double-bill with Mike D!   (Blues extraordinaire).  Favorite small venue in the Bronx! More art, food, drink, music, and theater gets made and shared in this two-room bar than is possible without understanding quantum physics.   Basically it’s a dimensional thing. You are also transported to Ireland the minute you walk in. Like I said…Quantum physics y’all.

Inwood Local logo copy

Wednesday 1/27 9pm-11pm at Inwood Local! ACOUSTIC, with special guests. We fuggin’ love playin’ our monthly show at Inwood Local; great vibes, the awesome Harry and his team behind the bar, lovely affordable food…and COYOTE LOVE.

an beal bocht exteriorSunday 1/29 9:30PM – FULL BAND AT AN BEAL BOCHT! – Featuring Tobias Gebb on drums!

 If you’ve read our emails, you know how freakin’ bad I wanted to play there. Ta Da!   We’ve been angling for this full band show for a long time. Feels good. And TOBY on the drums. Tobias toured the Virgin Islands and recorded a lot with us. We are blessed to have our uptown bro back for a night.

MORE TO COME!  See Schedule!  And THANK YOU!

Yipeeeyipyip howlywoo!



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Who Says Bloody Mary Isn’t a Holiday Drink?

This Sunday we are back at Inwood Gourmet for a Bloody Mary party!  I’m in, Rach is in!  You in?  There are free drinks and snacks and Laruen Skoulatos  will keep the cash register open in case any of her lovely cheeses, meats, olives, oil’s, vinegars, ice creams, etc tweak your fancy.

It’s not exactly a “holiday event” as much as it is a winter get-together. So don’t expect us to play an hour of Christmas carols. But we will be singing songs, blowing flutes and harmonicas, and having a good ol’ time.  Plus Bloody Mary’s are red, and celery is green, so there you go!

Sunday Dec. 13, 1:30pm @ Inwood Gourmet, 95 Cooper St, New York, NY

Inwood Gourmet-Dec13




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Pics from Oct 24 Inwood Gourmet

I promised myself I’d practice today, so this will be short –

Way back on Oct 24th when we played acoustic at Inwood Gourmet, for Lauren’s lovely party, I only took a few pics.   But I think I captured the vibe of Lauren and Inwood Gourmet. There were plenty pics taken of Rach and Coyote by folks there. Feel free to upload  any pics you took at www.facebook..com/coyotelove y’all!  We’d love to see ’em and share the love.


Lauren Skoulatos Garcia the owner, doing what she does, PLUS selling out shirts!

Lauren Skoulatos Garcia the owner, doing what she does, PLUS selling our new Coyote-made shirts!

Noelle, and (I think) Mary? Please let me know if I got it right.

Noelle, and (I think) Mary? Please let me know if I got it right.  Lauren WAS a blur the whole evening.  LOL .  She was a busy girl.

Our Rachel, looking to some snackies...but not the olives. I can't believe I'm in a band with a chick who hates olives. wtf?

Our Rachel, looking into some snackies…but not the olives. I can’t believe I’m in a band with a chick who hates olives. wtf?  

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An Beal Bocht this Sunday eve!


From Wikipedia - An Béal Bocht (Irish: The Poor Mouth) is a 1941 novel in Irish by Brian O'Nolan (Flann O'Brien), published under the pseudonym "Myles na gCopaleen". It is widely regarded as one of the greatest Irish-language novels of the 20th century.
Wikipedia says- “An Béal Bocht (Irish: The Poor Mouth) is a 1941 novel in Irish by Brian O’Nolan (Flann O’Brien), published under the pseudonym “Myles na gCopaleen”. It is widely regarded as one of the greatest Irish-language novels of the 20th century.”

Remember when I said that the next uptown venue I had in my sights was “An Beal Bocht” in Riverdale? Okay… I do say a lot of shit, so maybe you didn’t go out of your way to commit it to memory. In that case…the next uptown venue I had in my sights was An Beal Bocht on 238th St; way up in the hills of Riverdale. I chose it as the next bar I wanted in uptown, after we gave up on Mr. Magoo’s (at least for now).

Inviting, no?

Inviting, no?

Now most of you don’t live in Upper Manhattan or the Bronx and many of you won’t want to come up this far so why would we want to play this joint? Well first off if you’re downtown or in Brooklyn/Queens, worry not, we’ll be back downtown and/or near wherever you live in the near future.  And secondly, I like venues that treat musicians as honored guests, and that want to see you get paid. Not too many of those in the downtown area.   And as a guy looking to meet like-minded music lovers, I love it when a venue has a built in crowd. An Beal Bocht has all of that going on, plus a great looking bar, and an amazing staff from the owner all the way down to the waitresses. So if you live uptown, come further uptown and join Rachel and Coyote and friends at this lovely venue for 8-9pm this Sunday!   If you want to see the full band there, we’ll be back up there on Jan 29th to play all night long with our amazing rhythm section.

Coming up:

Nov 8th, 8-9pm, ACOUSTIC @An Beal Bocht, Riverdale, NYC

Nov 25th, 9-11pm ACOUSTIC @ Inwood Local, Inwood, NYC

Nov 28th, 9pm-late @ The Andes Hotel, Andes, NY

Dec 4th, 10pm-11pm @ Gussy’s Bar, Astoria, NYC

January 15th, 11-3pm @ Snug Harbor, New Paltz, NY

January 27th, 9-11pm ACOUSTIC @ Inwood Local, Inwood, NYCs

January 29th, An Beal Bocht, Riverdale, NYC (FULL BAND)

February 20th, 8-11pm @ World of Beer, Syracuse, NY


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It’s all Inwood this week!


Stoked that our Inwood Local residency continues tonight; with more special guests, more new songs, and the same great time we’ve been having since the first show there!

Come up to see the acoustic act in a chill uptown setting, if you haven’t already and even if you have!  Inwood Local is a saweet li’l spot.

9pm. 4957 Broadway, bwtween 207 and Isham. “A” Train takes you right there. WHOOT!


Our Inwood Gourmet event with Lauren Skoulatos was a great time! Our show, supporting her great little fresh gourmet goods store, was part of the continuing positive fall-out from Elizabeth Bower’s house concert/party where we met and played for all kinds of cool Inwoodians. And the residents of Inwood, Manhattan, still continue to share the great community vibes whenever we get together. It’s lovely to see our shirts on more people in the hood.

Lauren (and family) had a tasty selection of olives and cheeses and deserts and sparkling wine from our local wine merchant for people to sample (and sample we did). We played a few sets, saw some old friends, made new ones, and just had a really positive experience.

All of us were amazed that Lauren could fit a couple of musicians, and have a party, and even sell food and merchandise in such a small space. But we did! And I don’t think it could have worked out better.

Thank you to all who attended!  Howwooooo

Face Licks,

Coyote and Rachel

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Lookin’ Back at TCF 2015


Taste of the Catskills 2015 was fantastic this year. Blessed with two days of great weather, they had even more people, more tents, more local vendors, more food, more beer, more bands, more bouncy houses, and even a Delaware Bulldogs inflated tunnel…thing…(that I am trying very hard not to make too much fun of).

IMG_1740Jonah Shaw of Catskill Food Company, Todd Russell of Clean Green Music, advocacy organization, Catskill Mountainkeepers , and Jay and Abby Wilson of Maple Shade Farm (and hundreds of other people) come together, annually, to make these amazing events happen. This was the best year yet!


Todd Russell doing what Todd Russells do.

People at FestIt was an idea, a good one. Then it was a first try. Then they tried again. Then they learned,and grew, and made new plans. And they keep doing it again and again. Rain or shine.   And now it’s a “thing.” It’s the best part of what people can accomplish.Maple Shade

For the last few years, Rach and I have played on the acoustic stage in the Oomegang beer tent and have been blessed to play before and/or after old time Appalachian band, The Stoddard Hollow String Band and the freaky, adorable, and poignant duo, Technicolor Trailer Park.   And while I could go on about every great act that played there, I’ll keep it small and keep it local and say that both bands I discussed above are masters of their genres. I was stoked that we are just folky enough with our set, to be put in the line up with them. Bob Mierop is both a dedicated sound engineer and a natural comedian (hardee har har) and he kept the party going and sounding great all day. Thanks Bob! He also helped sell our hand-made merch.   Shit got crazy when his mom showed up and bought our Rolling Papers and a shirt too. LOL.

So do you enter the chest and exit the butt? Or other way around?

So…do you enter the chest and exit the butt? Or other way around?

We played both on Saturday and on Sunday. Saturday night we stayed with Jonathan Mogelever, a friend since I was 14 and someone with whom I share a startling amount of connections. In fact it was at our first Taste of the Catskills Festival that I reconnected with the Mogester after decades apart. He, of course, being an advocate of all things wild and free, had a booth at the festival with a certain, well-known Catskill Mountain advocacy organization. So, it was like hand to glove when we re-established contact and shared stories about old friends and our own journeys.

Jonathan was a great host to us, and made some tasty “Messy” Martinis. We had a great hang, and then after the Martinis hit the brain, Rach and I had a nice sleep in in prep for our second show. Here’s a vid about it, or it may be about my stroking my chin a lot.  You decide…

The next day we hit Cassie’s Cafe in Roxbury on the way back over the hill to the festival. They fed us well and treated us with love, as always. Thanks Cassie. We hear she went on a long overdue vacation overseas after the weekend. Good for you, girl! Hope the trip was (or is still) amazing!

Typical Coyote Rachel dynamic while dining at Cassie's

Typical Coyote/Rachel dynamic while dining at Cassie’s

Second show was a blast. Got to see old friend Paul Ryan and family but couldn’t see their set as we were on the road back to NYC by then.

Rach and I made a deal, I drank a few local beers after the show while shmoozing, and she drove back to NYC (we were both equally stoked with out missions I might add).  We hit the road, all smiles, and then, of course, 60 miles from NYC the late Sunday afternoon roads were already slammed with traffic.  Thankfully we two have been down this road once or twice.  We were kickin’ the Google traffic maps on the phones, and knew enough detours to get around a lot of the worst interstate jams, so we got home safely enough, if not swiftly.  Rachel’s boyfriend, Spencer, was forced to walk the dog and cook dinner for Rachel, due to our late arrival (Oh the humanity!) and back home at my place, Sarver and Tanaz were like “when are you not home later than you said you would be?”  Soooooooooo…all things considered, everything was pretty smooth for the Coyote Pack at TCF 2015.

Thanks for following this journey.



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This Saturday at Inwood Gourmet

Hmmmmm can you smell the hot apple cider? It’s fall and my daughter has made her third jack ‘lantern.   Picked out your favorite sweater yet? I sure have. This Coyote’s coat is getting longer and, outside, the leaves are a fallin’. Plus, our Rachel freakin’ loves the fall. She’s been living the “this is my cup o’tea” reality for weeks now.   For all you “Fall is my favorite season” people, the next few shows are dedicated to you!


The weather was supposed to be horrid last time we wanted to support Inwood Gourmet with our acoustic, blues-based, funkrockin’ folk explosion.   Joaquin was blowin’ and, while it didn’t rain as was forecast, it was cold as a well digger’s booty that day, so we postponed…until THIS SATURDAY! (Oct 24)

We’re going to play a few sets between 4 and 6pm. We’ll likely be in the store squeezed between the cheeses and the olive oils, so it will be tight….and EPIC!



Lauren Skoulatos has a great thing going with her little Greek-flaired farm-to-table store. She’s got an ever-rotating selection of tasty local and imported cheeses, and breads and things, and she even sells sausages from Castkill Food Company! (That’s Jonah Shaw’s company, he’s the same dude who organizes the yearly “Taste of the Catskills Festival” that Rachel and I support so whole heartedly. We were just up there having a blast and eatin’ up a storm. I love how it all comes together.) Lauren also has the best coffee I’ve had in this neighborhood, and we have some very good coffee up here, so that’s not easy.

Great things come in small packages.

Great things come in small packages

Come on up to Inwood Gourmet this Saturday. 4-6pm. The store is on Cooper Street (1/2 block West of Broadway) between 207th and Isham, about 1 minute walk from the 207th St A train.   Let us serenade you while you sample some culinary delights!


Senior coyote

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