Produce an Indie Album With Us

New Music from Coyote Love! Wanna co-produce an indie album?

Hello there Coyote friends. It’s high time Coyote Love released more new music. Sure we’ve got some tracks in the bin, and notebooks full of songs, but, conditions being what they are, that special creative time could not be easily afforded, or found, until now!   Wanna make a record with us?


The coyote pack has been given a two-week composers residency at “The Church” in Mt. Vision, NY this summer. A couple of producers, who call their company “Upstate Production Services, Inc”, are renovating a 200-year old church in to a fully functioning arts facility. As if that wasn’t cool enough, they then offered Coyote Love a two-week composer’s residency this summer, and this coyote plans on making the absolute most of this creative time! We are recording and immediately releasing tracks from two albums; a children’s record (Coyote Pups), and a proper Coyote Love LP! Finally, our sophomore release!

Even though we get the space for free, making and releasing records is a costly exercise. So we are asking you to be an associate producer. And it ain’t just lip service either. Contribute towards our production costs and you really are producing this record with us. Gifts back? Of course! Not only will you get one-of-a-kind presents from the band for your help in this project, but associate producers credits on the album!

The plan is not only so set coyote’s unfettered creativity free, but Rachel’s too, and all of the musicians that we invite up there to stay and/or visit with us during our time up there. We’re offering members of our team the same creative freedom for their own compositions as we have for own. Every musician who comes up is encouraged to workshop their own ideas as well. With a team of us there, we can all help one-another to flesh out the material we are writing.   And as the hosts, we get to have these amazing musicians play on new Coyote Material as well.

So please join us in producing new indie music and be our producing partner!

Much like a low budget indie film, we figure we’ll easily spend about $5000-$10,000 when all is said and done; equipment, two weeks of van rental, copywriting costs, graphics, post production mixing sessions, mastering, PR, food, and stipends for local guest musicians on the records, and the making of videos are just the tip of the iceberg.

So please take a look at our crowd-funding page and see if there is a donation level that works for you…you potential producer you!

With love

Team Coyote



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