Still to Come!

Happy Holiday season to you and your own. Been awhile since we checked in and we wanna make sure you know that we are hard at work getting the next songs out to you and making the final version album. Next week Coyote Love Entertainment, Inc releases our first children’s album (recorded during this summer’s retreat, along with songs from “I’m Breaking Down”). With that behind us, we can divert more energy back in to the grown up songs. As it is now, Jonathan Vergara and Coyote have been meeting late nights and working on “Rosie’s Going Downtown” (featuring Fred Thomas on bass), “Why’d You Have To Do It Now?” and “Magic Tune Boy” so we can get those out (in any order) as soon as possible.

We are working to make sure that every one of you who donated, and/or pre-paid gets all the merchandise that you were promised.   Look for emails in the coming month asking you what size shirts you want etc.


We played a lovely 3-hour show last Friday, at Sarah Street Grill, in Stroudsburg, PA with new guitarist/vocalist Jamie Ignao. Jamie’s been working on over 30 songs from our repertoire so, send him a pat on the back, as he has earned it. We are reuniting with Darren Lipper (Bass) and Tobias Gebb (Drums) as well for night of sonic explosion. Last Sunday we played with Mike D. Blues for an acoustic show at An Beal Bocht. Was great stuff. Jamie’s guitar work and vocals are taking the acoustic shows to another level and I, for one, was ear-to-ear grins the whole time. Rachel sang her ass off, with two guitars and two voices to support her. Fun stuff.

Thanks for your love and support.

Coyote and the pack




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