What does it take to….

What does it take to make your dream a reality?

What’s your personal dream?  Let us know in the comments below or via twitter @CoyoteLoveBand, or on our FB page.  We’d like to hear your story.

In our case, the record we are releasing on November 5th, and all the opportunities that arise from this action, encompass our shared dream.  Rach and I have given of our sweat, blood, tears, personal finances, and likely the finances of our respective life-partners as well. We are giving time, we’re giving thought, we’re giving love, and we are giving up sleep. At this point, it would seem that the answer is…you give everything that you have, because creating something epic…from nothing…demands that of you.

Our self-produced record sounds amazing so far (though we just got word that we may have an astounding guest producer on the title track, more later). If you want to check out works in progress, you can do so here… https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cr5q2dtdedcwqre/AACk4cp9D5M8OynljZcx9bOSa?dl=0

Big ups to Jonathan Vergara at Pancake studios in Brooklyn, for his engineering work on much of this project as well.  This has become one of his babies, and we are happy whenever he takes over on the engineering, so we can focus on the singing and producing.

We have four songs to record, there’s one song we’d like to redo, and vocals on one song need re-cutting.   And there’s multiple overdubs we have to add as well. The record needs to be done by mid October….FUCK!  We have to have, at least, pre-release versions of the CD and downloads byNov 5, the date of our release event!

As I write this…my heart is pounding.  I’ve never been more proud of a piece of art that I worked on, but also never been so scared of failing!  Can you relate?

THANK YOU to everyone that has donated and pre-paid for our sophomore release, now with the working Title, “I’m Breaking Down.”  (Did I just write that in print?  Oh dear, this is getting really real now.)  Were it not for the amazing gifts that have been shared with us, we would not have had a prayer of getting this far.  You are our co-producers and we are so proud to share this experience with you!

If you haven’t yet, but want to support the album, and join the pack of humans who are making this happen, please go to https://www.gofundme.com/CampCoyote2016

Speaking of donations.   HUGE, humble, hair-stands-up on my arm, thanks to Jamie Leonard and Pamela Rapp at Upstate Production Services, Inc (UPSI), who donated THREE WEEKS of production and development time to us this summer at their 200-year old space “The Church”.   They honestly changed our lives.   I recorded a whole children’s album and some irreplaceable tracks on the Coyote Love album up there.  We would have had nothing to crowd-fund for if it weren’t for them and their amazing arts facility.  The space, the vibe, the organ (OMG, the organ) all contributed to capturing magic on the microphones.

27714a75-0616-43fe-ad91-c23dfc8f37f3We are realistically like $5000 short of the money we need to truly promote the record. But just to complete this masterpiece, we need another $2000 as soon as possible!  We still need to bring in more stellar musicians and to pay for the studio time, as well (which is mounting), and for PR, and the endless copyright fees etc.  So, if you like what we’ve made so far (click and listen), join the family, donate to the record! Become an associate producer.  Plus, the gifts back are sweet!

Put the show in your calendar!!!

Coyote Love Album Release Party
Sat Nov 5th.
El Original Tx-Mx, 735 Tenth Ave, NYC 10019

With love,




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