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If you ever said “I wanna see you guys but I…”

Art coyote image SIGNATURE SIZE If you are broke…it’s free!

Art coyote image SIGNATURE SIZE If you don’t want to hear cover songs…it’s only songs by Coyote!
Art coyote image SIGNATURE SIZE If you feel like you are too old…it’s an early show.

Art coyote image SIGNATURE SIZE If you hate seeing bands in bars…it’s a Cultural Center with a swank auditorium and no alcohol is served.

Art coyote image SIGNATURE SIZE If you don’t like to walk much…it’s about a block from a train with an elevator.

Art coyote image SIGNATURE SIZE If you are a staunch republican…you should still come.

To the best of my knowledge, you only get one chance to play the Artists for Peace series at SGI’s NY Cultural Center; and we are the 100th act to put our positive energy out in to the universe by playing this show for these dynamic and enthusiastic chanting Buddhists. We totally want you to come hear it!

This show is ENTIRELY FREE, its on 15th St just off Union Square, and is at 7:30pm! If you’ve ever been like, “I totally want to see you play, but I just can’t do late nights…” or “I’m on the wagon, and you always play in places with alcohol…” then this show is for you. So come on down and share the love…the coyote love that is.

I know it looks like the X-MEN should live there...just a bunch of harmony loving buddhists.

SGI’s NY Cultural Center.  Possibly also the place where the X-Men live.

Tues March 1st

SGI’s NY Cultural Center

7 E. 15th St

New York, NY 10003 (between 5th Ave and Union Sq. West)

Peace and love to youwooowoooowoooooooooooooo

team coyote






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Coyote Love is the 100th Artist for Peace at SGI on 3/1

Any of you want to see a Coyote Love performance, early in the evening, downtown, in the most accessible location in Manhattan, in comfort, with great sound and where we only play coyote music, in a concert hall devoted to world peace and enlightenment…..FOR FREE?

We are so very proud to announce that on Tuesday March 1st, Coyote Love was chosen to play the 100th Artists for Peace Concert at SGI USA/NYC.  (The NY Culture Center, 7 E. 15th Street, New York, NY 10003 – bet. 5th Avenue & Union Square West)

This to us is a high-point in a year of high-points.  Both Rachel, and Kevin Harris (currently playing bass with us) are members of SGI, an empowering Buddhist organization, that I’ve only ever had great traffic with as well.  And Rachel and Kevin are in good company, some of the most noteworthy artists, and movers and shakers you know of are also Buddhists associated with this lovely practice and the organization that represents it.  That being said, the honor of being asked to play our original music, for anyone that wants to attend, for FREE ADMISSION, in their lovely hall in Union Square…was completely unexpected.  See below!

>On Tuesday, March 1st, at 7:30pm at the New York Culture Center, Artists for Peace will be presenting our 100th concert!  We are so proud to present at this special event, a most exciting and dynamic band, Coyote Love!

Founded in 2009 with the release of their self-titled debut CD, white boy from the ghetto, turned city boy in the country, turned Coyote Man, Hank Coyote, joins forces with British multi-instrumentalist and singer, Rachel Grundy to bring lush harmony, energetic live performances and old school entertainment value to the front of the stage, backed by a funky, NYC-based horn and rhythm section, including music director and alto sax supremo Sergio Bustamante and former Steel Pulse lead guitarist Moonie Pusey.   With a mission to make Music Every Day, Coyote Love is an army of positive vibes, music and passion.

You can learn more about Coyote Love and check out their music at www.coyotelovemusic.com.  

Our e-flyer is attached to aid you in kindly promoting the event-thank you very much!

We sincerely hope that you and your friends will join us for a great evening!

Artists for Peace<

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Bowie Leaves Earth, Inspires Coyote

Howooo lovelies,

If you are human, you are probably aware, and most likely touched by the passing of David Bowie in to the light. I’m sure he is reunited with many old friends and ancestors, and possibly an alien overlord or two.

What Bowie’s passing meant to me was that millions of people in the world are suddenly delving deep in to the life and art of this celestial being. His path was so organic, so packed with highs and lows, so full of rebirth, of searching; of living life to the fullest…it boggles the mind. And my prayer is that it reminds others, like it has me, to embrace these aspects of life and not stay in any rut for too long.david-bowie-06

We love you David Bowie. Thank you for being you. You will be missed, but always remembered.



snug harbor“SNUG’S” IN NEW PALTZ THIS FRIDAY NIGHT – 1/15/16 11pm – ???

This Friday night! Snug Harbor, in New Paltz, NY! How much do I love Snug’s? Almost as much as David Bowie?   But for the opposite reason. Snug’s has stayed Snug’s for as long as I can remember and I hope it never changes. Good old juke-joint style hootenanny bar with an amazing cross-section of people. We hit around 11pm. When we stop? Nobody knows.



Kickin’ it uptown style for the rest of January once we get back from New Paltz. Come and hang!From Wikipedia - An Béal Bocht (Irish: The Poor Mouth) is a 1941 novel in Irish by Brian O'Nolan (Flann O'Brien), published under the pseudonym "Myles na gCopaleen". It is widely regarded as one of the greatest Irish-language novels of the 20th century.

Sunday 1/24 8pm-10pm at An Beal Bocht! ACOUSTIC double-bill with Mike D!   (Blues extraordinaire).  Favorite small venue in the Bronx! More art, food, drink, music, and theater gets made and shared in this two-room bar than is possible without understanding quantum physics.   Basically it’s a dimensional thing. You are also transported to Ireland the minute you walk in. Like I said…Quantum physics y’all.

Inwood Local logo copy

Wednesday 1/27 9pm-11pm at Inwood Local! ACOUSTIC, with special guests. We fuggin’ love playin’ our monthly show at Inwood Local; great vibes, the awesome Harry and his team behind the bar, lovely affordable food…and COYOTE LOVE.

an beal bocht exteriorSunday 1/29 9:30PM – FULL BAND AT AN BEAL BOCHT! – Featuring Tobias Gebb on drums!

 If you’ve read our emails, you know how freakin’ bad I wanted to play there. Ta Da!   We’ve been angling for this full band show for a long time. Feels good. And TOBY on the drums. Tobias toured the Virgin Islands and recorded a lot with us. We are blessed to have our uptown bro back for a night.

MORE TO COME!  See Schedule!  And THANK YOU!

Yipeeeyipyip howlywoo!



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Who Says Bloody Mary Isn’t a Holiday Drink?

This Sunday we are back at Inwood Gourmet for a Bloody Mary party!  I’m in, Rach is in!  You in?  There are free drinks and snacks and Laruen Skoulatos  will keep the cash register open in case any of her lovely cheeses, meats, olives, oil’s, vinegars, ice creams, etc tweak your fancy.

It’s not exactly a “holiday event” as much as it is a winter get-together. So don’t expect us to play an hour of Christmas carols. But we will be singing songs, blowing flutes and harmonicas, and having a good ol’ time.  Plus Bloody Mary’s are red, and celery is green, so there you go!

Sunday Dec. 13, 1:30pm @ Inwood Gourmet, 95 Cooper St, New York, NY

Inwood Gourmet-Dec13




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Playing “Superstition” is like acting Shakespeare

I loved this live-in-the-studio session.  I loved the people that were involved.  I loved what we set out to do and I love what we accomplished, and even loved the hurdles along the way (of which there many).

What we do, is what I live for.  I’ve always loved performing live, but there is something equally special about being intimate with bunch of musicians (and engineers and filmmakers and friends) in a room, just focusing and getting a song as glorious as we can make it.  In this case, it was three songs.  And this email is about another one of the three; “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder.

Playing a Stevie Wonder song, to me, is like acting Shakespeare.   It’s already a great work, with the best text possible (include melody, and arrangement, in this case), the best players have already played it, and all you can hope to do is to do it justice yourself; and to…not spoil it for anyone.  It’s all there for you, you just have to play the story the way the writer wrote it and let the structure lead you where it wants you to go.  Beyond that, you just hope you and your company are good enough artists to humbly, but passionately rise to the occasion when the piece demands it of you.

Sure, like a good Shakespeare production, we wanted to interpret it and make it our own, while making absolutely sure to stay true to the original story.  This is what makes an audience smile.  And even if it’s a “live-in-the-studio” video, we aim to make the audience happy, whenever and however you end up viewing it.

For this task, we certainly had an amazing cast of musicians.  (The dynamic Vanessa Cruz on drums (heroically suffering through a bad case of food poisoning and boyfriend related blues throughout the session), Kevin Harris on bass, Dan Yeager on trumpet, Sergio Bustamante on alto sax (and solo), Rachel on the tenor sax, the astounding Clifford “Moonie” Pusey on guitar, and one very smitten coyote.  In addition, we had an amazing staff of supportive personnel, (thank you Ruthie Conde!).

To film our little show, we had, in Atom Fellows, the most adaptive and creative guerilla director/cameraman/editor we could possibly have asked for.  All the brother knew was that he was getting in a van with Coyote Love and making a video in a black box with any available lighting….um…HOORAY!  Atom hated the look of the HD cams and lenses that we had available for this song.  And opted to roll on the floor with his plate-sized smartphone instead.  Do we love Atom?  Face licks and tail wags!!!

Time was flying by and we were far from home, so we had a few takes with each track, and then we moved on to the next song before we blew our chops, and our schedule (which, truthfully, we blew to hell anyway).  So while I’d love to have had just one more crack at it that day, what you see here is a very realistic portrayal of the Coyote Love experience.  And it makes me smile.

Hope you dig it…..


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Last Scheduled NYC Show ’till the Fall!!!

Last chance to catch Coyote Love live in NYC this summer!

We are playing a bunch out of town this summer but we are only doing one NYC show while we work on new arrangements and finish these blues recordings.  Saturday night at 78 Below.  And we want you to see it!

We are out to impress you with our musical prowess, and we are out to impress the management with the huge throng of people crowding in to see us!  So come on down!!!  Best venue to see us in New York.

Leslie’s got the place is done up real nice, the sound is off the hook, there’s food and great drinks all night and we play for no cover at all.

Sat July 13th

78 Below

78th and Columbus



Current Round of PR Pics, Chosen By You Guys

Thanks so much to you who weighed in your opinions about our PR Pics shot by the lovely Jane Stein.  Based on the responses we got, we are going to use this as the #1 pic for now –

Coyote Love Rooftop 1

photo by Jane Stein

And this one as the follow up pic –

Coyote Love Pic

photo by Jane Stein

Like everything else regarding our blues album, we didn’t strike gold on the first try and we don’t think we found the vibe for the “it” photo.  Jane, Rachel and I all agree we should try again to get the “one”.  But these pics are fantastic for now, and have set the tone for the styling of the shot that we are going for.

Music Every Day Grows Wings in Roxbury

Due to the great time and the successes the kids had when we donated The Music Every Day Educational Project, to the Central school in Roxbury, NY this May…we’ve been invited back to work with 40 more students in the fall!  Coyote Love Entertainment, LLC has partnered with The Greater Roxbury Learning Initiative Corporation (GRLIC), and The Roxbury Central School have applied for a partnership grant so that Music Every Day will ride again!

Music Every Day kids

Students Perform their version of “Music Every Day”

This would be the project in its dream scenario, we’d be integrated with the Language Arts, Choral, and Band classes during the school day for the better part of a week and the kids would perform the following week with Coyote Love as support (and warm up band).  Everyone gets paid and we go away happy and with some lovely video footage to share with the kids, the staff involved, and the world, when we are through.

This partnership and the program we donated in May are inspired by the humanity, energy, and generosity of spirit of the late Terry Doyle, a radio DJ from the Catskills who did a lot to promote us Coyotes on the radio.   And now the project will bring music to even more kids’ lives up there.  He would have loved that.

Cross your fingers for us because the grant application went in two weeks ago.

Upstate Blues Intensive with Moonie Pusey and Mike D

Thanks to the generosity of costume designer Karen Flood and her gourmet chef husband, Henning Nordanger, we are going upstate next week to do some intense blues writing and development to add more songs to the comically late blues series that we have been promising you.  We’ll also be forced to try some of the food at the restaurant that they recently opened together, “Henning’s Local”.  OH FUDGE!

Moonie is a mean blues picker, and Delta inspired blues boogie machine Mike D is the guy I learned the blues with when I was 14.  This collaboration has been a long time coming.  For Mike and I, working with the guy we used to go see live with one of our favorite bands, (Steel Pulse) is a dream come true.  The fact that we get to do it up in Karen’s cathedral-ceilinged, hardwood-floored costume shop while drinking beer, taking nature walks, eating gourmet food and wading in streams is beyond sublime.

But the point of it all is that you need new music to listen to.  You want to be inspired.  And you know that good blues heals the soul.  We want to give that to you.   No matter how long it takes.  This trip brings us all that much closer.

Another Stage For Rachel

Rachel is going through another stage…or rather across one, with the play she is doing at the Brick Theater, in ultra-hip Williamsburg, with our pals from Dysfunctional Theater Company (members of the cast also appear in our soon to be released video for “Blame It”).

Go see Rachel and the Dysfunctional team yuck it up in this comic look at sci-fi culture.

Final Defenders - Play

Dysfunctional Theater Company’s “Final Defenders”

The Brick Theater Inc. and Dysfunctional Theatre Company present

Final Defenders

by Patrick Storck

as part of the Game Play Festival


Thursday July 11 – 8pm

Thursday July 18 – 7pm

Saturday July 20 – 4pm

Friday July 26     – 9pm

at The Brick, 579 Metropolitan Avenue (between Union & Lorimer; L to Lorimer, G to Metropolitan)

Tickets: $15


If you are up on New York culture, The Brick represents the “Indie Theater” movement that grew out small (or large) off-off-off Broadway Theaters like Todo Con NADA and the Theatorium on the Lower East Side (Which by the early 2000’s were priced out of the neighborhood that they helped make cool).  Rachel and I met through Inverse Theater Co, which was right at the front lines of the Indie Theater movement in the late 90’s and early part of the millennium.  So go see her and be a part of Coyote and New York history.  BTW, the bar up the street from the Brick Theater serves free wood oven pizza with your beer.  What?

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Love you because you are YOU – an editorial about gay friends and family

Recently a good friend, who I’ve known for like 15 years, came out to me and, sorta awkwardly, said the words “You know I’m Gay right?”…for the first time.

My reaction was to say, “I know.  But, no, you never told me that, out loud, before.” We then proceeded to hang out, talk shit, watch movies and listen to music and stuff like we always do.

This sparked a lot of introspection about people all over the world that have to build up the courage to say those words to the people they care for.  Clearly, my friend is not feeling a lot of Gay Pride, or he woulda let that truth about his identity; the part of him that defines his sexuality…drop a little sooner.

This particular individual is quite lucky compared to many who were born gay in a not-so-understanding world.  He lives in New York City, he is artistically inclined, and is adored by his friends.  And at this point it was just about being courageous and saying the words out loud.  For the most part I think all his friends would have the same reaction, or lack of, that I did.  So why was he still so nervous about saying it out loud, for all these years?

Well I can’t say I really know all the reasons, but it’s pretty clear the dude was afraid.  And it’s hard to shake our deepest fears.

As I write this, I sound like I was born understanding and open-minded to my gay friends.  I wasn’t really, or at least I was given mixed messages as a kid.  We were white kids in a Puerto Rican Ghetto, raised by what some might call “Liberal” parents.  So in theory I was supposed to accept everyone.  I am grateful to my parents for that.  But as a youth, I was just as afraid of “gay” people as a lot of people are.  Fear of the unknown, I suppose.  Plus there was this great cultural bandwagon that I was on that said I “should” be afraid of gay people.

I started coming across recognizably gay men as a child singer in NYC from the age of nine.  Seemed that half the grown male altos in the choir didn’t only sing like women; they talked and walked like women too.  So I started to get the picture a little earlier than most.  But that didn’t make me any less scared of gay people.  That and the fact that since I was old enough to understand insults, the phrase “That’s Gay”was always a derogatory term.  So like a lot of people, I got the message that there must be something wrong with someone if they were “gay” and liked it.

My mother, sister and I moved to a very conservative town in upstate New York when I was eleven-years old.  In my life in NYC I was an accomplished professional soprano and budding child actor.  Here I was in a small town; a kid who didn’t give a fuck about wrestling or football, and didn’t think picking on less popular kids was cool.  So, for those reasons, during my penance up there, I was called a faggot by some dickhead or another, every day that I went to school in that god-forsaken town.  Pushed into urinals while peeing, and all that other classic loser bully shit that people let their children perpetuate.  Another kid in my year was bullied to the point of committing suicide by hanging himself.  Was he gay?  He never got to find out.  He was 12.

During this period, our mom invited a new “roommate” to live with us; a lady who was big as a truck driver, with a butch haircut, a natural hatred of men, and who came with her own truck.  She was handy with tools, firearms, and Vodka.  My mom and she shared everything including a bed, and talked baby talk to each other.  Mom was in denial about it, but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what the nature of their friendship was about.  On the one hand it was her business, and on the other, from her point of view, this was not the town or the time, to come out in.   Sadly she couldn’t even bring herself to be honest with either my sister or me about it.

How did that pan out?  The truck driving vodka-drinking lady had a lot of inner sadness, and ultimately took her own life with a shotgun.  My mom first turned to Jesus, and later became an unhappily married heavy drinker like a good American should be.

Okay so all this stuff wasn’t pretty, but it did allow me to gain some perspective on people, and to decide, early on, that there were people who had love to share and there were assholes ruled by fear.  The latter seem to be an infestation on the planet, and the former were fewer and further between.  And one could actually learn not to be an asshole if they chose to.

I also learned that if you are going to try to hang with people who have love to give, and who enrich your life, you may need to cast a wider net and focus on what you have in common, rather than on what makes you different; because awesome people come in every color, religion, culture, and sub-culture…just like assholes.

The asshole affect is very real, and instills a lot of fear in to the hearts of would-be honest people.

Most people who are afraid to admit that they are “different” than other people have been seriously bullied for being themselves, or have been witness to the bullying of other people like them.

Bullying is being an asshole with a purpose.  Ostracizing people for who they are is being a bully.  Bullies are driven by fear.  Fear is a pretty powerful negative force that is the common denominator every time one of us is an asshole.  It’s why our world is a fucking mess.  Making other people afraid to BE, on purpose, is something we do out of our own fear.  Any time I, you, or anyone you know does that…we keep ourselves from being or even increasing the percentage of non-assholes on the planet.

What stops people who are born gay from sharing that essential fact with their closest friends is usually a massive fear of not being accepted, or being cast out, or being abandoned, or having people who you knew for years, or your whole life suddenly act different around you.  And if you acted like that when you found out that your friend or family member was playing for the other team, or “different” in any way, please take a moment to realize that the judgment is on us who judge others.  Because people are born the way they are.  You have to actually choose to be an asshole or not.

That being said, it took 15 years of friendship before my friend could just be honest about it, and I would have accepted him and loved him if he told me on day one.  That is worth some thought.  Another dude I was telling this story to, shared with me that he was in his 30’s and had spent thousands on therapy before he had the courage to tell his father that he was gay.  His dad’s answer was to say, “Where did I go wrong…that I raised a son who was afraid to tell me that he was gay?”

I’m not sure what the point of this post is.  Maybe I just need to blow off steam.  But I guess I want to remind myself, and whoever else happens to read this, that there is an area of growth that we all need to put to some energy in to.  There are two crimes that are committed daily; being fearful of and closed-off to other people that are different than you, and (less obvious but more dangerous) being fearful and closed-off to yourself, about being honest about who you really are, even to those that love you.  Both take a conscious choice to get past.

Lets start today by being open minded to someone “different” than you, who, up until this point, you were afraid of.  And if it’s yourself you are judging so harshly, just remember that gaining acceptance from others begins with accepting and loving yourself for who you are.  Let’s not be assholes, not even to ourselves.


Art coyote image Hank Coyote


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It’s In Our Souls

Coyote Battery Park 2010
photo by Jane Stein

An Arial Hyatt article about cyberPR got me thinking (uh oh).  Why do I do this?  Why do I write songs?  Why did Rachel, Darren, Sean, Sergio and our drummers (Tommy, Gideon, Tobias, Luke, Jason and Yahoteh) wish to play them with me, often for no money and at great time expense?  Why do people like our songs and our live shows?  Why do I want to make a living playing songs for other humans?

I think it’s just in our souls.

Maybe that’s the solution to everything.

I have no choice.  It’s in our souls that we love music. It’s in my soul that I have to make it and share it.

I want to take a minute to thank Rachel, Sergio, Darren, Sean, Tommy, Gideon, Tobias, Luke, Jason and Yahoteh and every other musician that we’ve played with as well as every human that ever moved molecules with tone and rhythm.  Thank you for picking up your instrument and using it.

And most of all I want to thank the side of all of us that just loves music and doesn’t ask why because…its just in our souls and its just THE BEST!

One love,

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