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Who Says Bloody Mary Isn’t a Holiday Drink?

This Sunday we are back at Inwood Gourmet for a Bloody Mary party!  I’m in, Rach is in!  You in?  There are free drinks and snacks and Laruen Skoulatos  will keep the cash register open in case any of her lovely cheeses, meats, olives, oil’s, vinegars, ice creams, etc tweak your fancy.

It’s not exactly a “holiday event” as much as it is a winter get-together. So don’t expect us to play an hour of Christmas carols. But we will be singing songs, blowing flutes and harmonicas, and having a good ol’ time.  Plus Bloody Mary’s are red, and celery is green, so there you go!

Sunday Dec. 13, 1:30pm @ Inwood Gourmet, 95 Cooper St, New York, NY

Inwood Gourmet-Dec13




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This Saturday at Inwood Gourmet

Hmmmmm can you smell the hot apple cider? It’s fall and my daughter has made her third jack ‘lantern.   Picked out your favorite sweater yet? I sure have. This Coyote’s coat is getting longer and, outside, the leaves are a fallin’. Plus, our Rachel freakin’ loves the fall. She’s been living the “this is my cup o’tea” reality for weeks now.   For all you “Fall is my favorite season” people, the next few shows are dedicated to you!


The weather was supposed to be horrid last time we wanted to support Inwood Gourmet with our acoustic, blues-based, funkrockin’ folk explosion.   Joaquin was blowin’ and, while it didn’t rain as was forecast, it was cold as a well digger’s booty that day, so we postponed…until THIS SATURDAY! (Oct 24)

We’re going to play a few sets between 4 and 6pm. We’ll likely be in the store squeezed between the cheeses and the olive oils, so it will be tight….and EPIC!



Lauren Skoulatos has a great thing going with her little Greek-flaired farm-to-table store. She’s got an ever-rotating selection of tasty local and imported cheeses, and breads and things, and she even sells sausages from Castkill Food Company! (That’s Jonah Shaw’s company, he’s the same dude who organizes the yearly “Taste of the Catskills Festival” that Rachel and I support so whole heartedly. We were just up there having a blast and eatin’ up a storm. I love how it all comes together.) Lauren also has the best coffee I’ve had in this neighborhood, and we have some very good coffee up here, so that’s not easy.

Great things come in small packages.

Great things come in small packages

Come on up to Inwood Gourmet this Saturday. 4-6pm. The store is on Cooper Street (1/2 block West of Broadway) between 207th and Isham, about 1 minute walk from the 207th St A train.   Let us serenade you while you sample some culinary delights!


Senior coyote

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Playing Live on Ludlow St this Friday!

Been a long time since we rockin' rolled...below 125th St.

While we are as busy as ever, it’s been a long time since we rock&rolled below 125th St.

Lots of you groovy peeps been asking “When are you going to play downtown again?”

The answer is…This Friday on Ludlow Street!


The details…we are playing a show with a band outta Reno called KARMA (karmaisaband.com) and since coyote’s and karma have ancient historical and symbolic relationships on earth and in the realm of the spirit…we figure this is gonna be one baddass show.

KARMA is from Reno, NV

KARMA is from Reno, NV

Plus Coyote Love’s friends from Stereo Intercourse (stereointercourse.net), are opening for KARMA, at 8pm.  Are you feeling the wind of the tail wag?

Brookly's own Stereo Intercourse features the electronic stylings of drummer Jonathan Vergara and electronic instrumentalist, TOMA

Brookly’s own Stereo Intercourse features the electronic stylings of drummer Jonathan Vergara and electronic instrumentalist, TOMA

Friday April 10th – At Leftfield – 87 Ludlow Street (at Rivington)

Stereo Intercourse


Coyote Love

Show Starts at 8pm

$10 Admission







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